Planning your Cancun Babymoon Photo Session

If you’ll soon welcome a new baby in your family, then you already know that pregnancy is one of the most memorable times of your life. As the time to transition from glowing pregnant woman to excited new mother grows close, you’ll be looking for ways to celebrate this short but impactful 9 months. A “babymoon” is a great way to spend a little time relaxing and enjoying your partner before you give birth. Cancun is an ideal location for that well-deserved babymoon, with sandy white beaches, tropical breezes, and crystal blue waters. It’s also the perfect opportunity for a Cancun maternity photo session. You’ll cherish these photos for a lifetime and they make great heirloom gifts for generations. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your Cancun Babymoon Photo Session:

#1. Choose A Dress

You’ll want to schedule your babymoon sometime between 6 to 8 months when the belly is full and round. Choose a dress that shows off the baby bump, you can be modest or release the bump for the world to see. Choose a solid color dress, the colors red, blue, and green photograph the best. We have a selection of dresses available to you as well so don’t worry if you have to pack light. Your session includes multiple outfit changes so you are not limited to just one look for all of your maternity photos. 

#2. Bring Some Props

Our studio has some fun props you can use to bring personality to your photos such as decorative chalkboards for you to write a personal message on. We highly recommend that you bring props from home to customize your photos even more. Some popular maternity photo props include; ultrasound photos, baby clothes, name banner, a special toy or stuffed animal, etc. Remember that a huge part of capturing the beautiful memories of pregnancy is to surround yourself with things that make you happiest. 

#3. Discuss A Location With Your Photographer

The beach is by far the most popular location for the perfect Cancun babymoon photo session. You can’t go wrong with these pristine Mexican beaches. If you’d like, there are also some other tropical or rocky locations just a short walk away from the studio. We have a lush garden and plenty of greenery available as well. 

#4. Select The Perfect Time Of Day For Your Maternity Session

There are three main times of day for a Cancun photo session and each come with their pros and cons. Morning shoots can be more comfortable due to their cooler weather and the beach is less busy. In the afternoon the beach and water are at their brightest which brings stunning pops of color to your photos. The afternoon sun can be quite hot though and the beach is pretty busy at this time. Finally, an early evening photoshoot is cooler and more private and can capture breathtaking sunsets. 

#5. Don’t Forget To Have Fun On Your Cancun Babymoon Photo Session 

Finally, don’t forget to relax and have fun! The best part of booking your Cancun Babymoon photo session with us is that we take care of all the details for you. Photos can include just the mother-to-be, a partner or spouse, other children, or even pets. Be spontaneous, candid, and most importantly, be yourself. 

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