We came to Cancun in 2004 to start a new life adventure doing what we did best, photography.  We owned a photo studio in California from 1994 – 2004 and decided to make a change after photographing a destination wedding in Mexico.

We were blessed to be accepted into the local community quickly and became one of the most highly demanded Wedding photographers in Cancun, Mexico.

Over the years, the hotels in Cancun and the Riviera Maya made a shift and started offering their own photography concessions which left us and many photographers looking for new markets. 

We focused on family portraits for many years and continue to offer our services in the Cancun hotel zone.

In 2018, we started a Marriage Proposal Planning service and this is our main focus now. We have planned and photographed over 1000+ proposals in the last 5 years.

We have a team of qualified and bilingual photographers who take care of capturing the best images for any event.

We have a simple approach to Photography which is documenting what we see unfolding naturally and capturing the emotions of that moment. We create chemistry with our subjects and transmit our passion so the best of YOU shines through. 

A little more about us…

We are in a stage of our lives that allows us to really enjoy life and be free which is why photography fits so perfectly.  Our kids are grown and off in the states working and making their own lives. Most of our family is still in California but we get plenty of visitors throughout the year to keep us fulfilled and happy.


Our founder, owner and main photographer, Agustin Murillo, passed away in October 2022 at the young age of 50 years old.  He made an impression on the lives of many people, creating an experience, sharing in important moments, and capturing their memories for them to take home forever. He will be forever missed!


When Agustin is not behind the camera, he is either working on restoring his antique car or sailing in the middle of the ocean on his Hobie Cat 18. He loves the adrenaline of catching the wind for high speed sailing. 


Cooking and eating are Jill’s favorite things.  She loves to experiment with new recipes and keep her hubby’s tummy happy. She loves fishing, walks on the beach, wine tasting and spending time with her kids and family.

Our family…

Our amazing kids and pride and joy!

We were 1 month shy of celebrating our 28 year wedding anniversary.