Since 1925, Dia­ del Nino, or Children’s Day, has grown as an annual celebration throughout Mexico. Children’s Day is observed on April 30t.  This day recognizes children, as it celebrates and treats children. Festivities begin well before the date and continue even after the festival is over. Parks, organizations and businesses arrange a large number of special events for children, such as games, treats, and bolos (bags full of candy). This occasion is considered to be one of the happiest and most anticipated days of the year. Children’s Day is always filled with activities, and children look forward to a holiday all their own. It is also a time adults are reminded of the importance of childhood; children teach us how joyful and simple life can be.  No matter what country we are in, there’s no question our children are our future. We need to celebrate them and make sure they all have the opportunity to a good education, safe environment and a prosperous future.
In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play. Friedrich Nietzsche

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